what we do


Analysis and design of different types of structures such as Schools, Hospitals, Airport facilities, Mixed-Use buildings, Library buildings, Laboratory buildings, etc. OLMM has performed analysis and design of hundreds of buildings for various loads such as seismic, wind and impact loads as well as for vibration sensitive floors.

OLMM has used various techniques to analyze the buildings, from the simple linear static analysis to the advanced linear dynamic analysis, and the more advanced non-linear analysis such as push-over analysis as well as analysis using passive energy absorption system such as linear viscous dampers, base-isolators etc.

Seismic evaluation

Seismic evaluation is an important part of our service, that helps clients make informed decisions about their inventory of existing buildings that do not meet current code standards. OLMM has extensive experience in this area having worked with many government agencies such Alameda County, City and County of San Francisco, SamTrans, Department of Energy, Port of San Francisco, City of Pacifica to mention a few.

Seismic Retrofit Design

Over the years, OLMM has successfully completed a number of seismic retrofit projects for existing buildings. These projects have demonstrated OLMM's expertise in enhancing the structural integrity of diverse structures, ranging from historical landmarks to libraries, civic and science & technology buildings, airport terminal buildings, etc.

The seismic retrofit of existing buildings presents a myriad of intricate challenges that demand careful consideration and expertise. Firstly, there's the complexity of working with structures originally designed with limited knowledge of seismic considerations, necessitating creative and innovative engineering solutions to current building code requirements. Financial constraints often play a role, as retrofitting can be expensive, requiring a delicate balance between ensuring structural safety and staying within budget. Additionally, the retrofit process needs to be executed while minimizing disruption to occupants, which requires lot of planning and coordination. Historical preservation adds another layer of complexity, as retrofit measures must be harmoniously integrated without compromising the building's architectural and cultural significance. In essence, successfully retrofitting existing buildings demands a comprehensive understanding of structural engineering, architectural sensitivity, financial acumen, and effective project management to overcome these multifaceted hurdles. OLMM is very proud of their portfolio in this sector.

feasibility studies

OLMM has performed feasibility studies that involves evaluation of existing and new buildings to help the client make an informed decision on a particular project. This may involve site visit and visual observation for existing buildings along with a ASCE 41-17 Tier 1 evaluation to determine the deficiencies and to recommend a cost-effective and optimal solution. A similar approach is taken for new building where preliminary analysis is carried out to explore different lateral systems and to recommend the optimal and economical system given budget and programming constraints.

Seismic Equipment Anchorage

Design of equipment anchorage for seismic loads is another part of our structural services. OLMM has extensive experience on anchorage of all kinds of non-structural elements such as Partition wall, AHUs, Chillers, Cable Trays and specialized equipment that are installed in Hospitals and Laboratories.


OLMM is very familiar with the ASCE/SEI 41-17 performance-based methodology to evaluate building to identify critical deficiencies for set performance targets. OLMM has also helped clients by working with their budget and operational constraints. Firm has also worked on modernization of existing buildings and is knowledgeable about the limitations imposed by the California Building Code regarding trigger for Voluntary Vs Mandatory seismic upgrade.